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  • Veronica Velez Burgess

Lunch Box

Updated: May 19, 2020

Parents often ask me what I feed my kids. They're very interested in what's for dinner at our house, and they really want to know what I put in lunch boxes. Most often, I make larger portions of dinner so that I have enough left-overs to put in my kids' Thermos the next day. Other days, I put together snack-type lunch boxes. In this case, I made my lunch from the chopped up stuff I put in lunch boxes that morning.

– Whole wheat spinach

– Turkey breast,

– Muenster cheese tortilla triangles

– Carrot and red pepper sticks with chickpea hummus

– Apple slices * a few drops of lemon juice will prevent apple slices from browning

– Mandarin orange **

**Did you know that you need to eat vitamin C along with spinach in order to better absorb the iron?

To the chopped carrots, red peppers, apples, and spinach, I added left-over brown rice and quinoa, walnuts, and olive oil for my lunch salad later that day.

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